Demise of Nations covers the rise of Rome till the fall of modern civilization

Noble Master Games releases “Demise of Nations”, a simultaneously executed turn-based grand strategy wargame. The game covers the rise of Rome till the fall of modern civilization. It’s a mix between Civilization and “Unity of Command” featuring deep game-play including diplomacy, research, building, trading and resource management.

A player commands his armies in one of the many ancient to modern countries including the Roman Empire, the Greeks, Carthage, Sparta, Britain and the United States. From Rome to Celtic nations, one creates his own warring experience, wages colossal wars solo, against the AI, or takes on gaming friends in multiplayer games. One can form alliances and fight co-op style with the AI and other players for ultimate victory. The game supports cross-platform multiplayer matches against players on PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

– Turn-Based Grand Strategy covering Ancient to Modern Times.
– 4X Strategy: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate.
– Diplomacy, Research, Trading and City-Building.
– Maps including Ancient and Modern Europe, the Pacific or the world.
– 50+ unique troop types.
– Random Map Generator.
– Challenging AI for single player.
– Cross-platform multiplayer & hotseat including co-op games.
– Modding support with integrated map editor.
– High scores, playing statistics, achievements and rankings.

Demise of Nations is available in the English language (other languages in the works). The game can be downloaded directly via Steam (PC/Mac/Linux), Google Play (Android) and iTunes (iOS). Demise of Nations comes with two maps provided for free. Additional maps can be downloaded for USD 3.99+ a piece or USD 19.99 for all.