The Depths Of Tolagal By Angry Toad Studios Is An Action- & Feature-Packed Tactical Combat Dungeon Crawler On PC

Independent games developer and publisher Angry Toad Studios is proud to announce the worldwide release and availability of their latest game – The Depths of Tolagal – now available on PC, Mac and Linux via the IndieGameStand and Humble Bundle digital game stores.

The Depths of Tolagal is an action- and feature-packed rouguelike retro-inspired dungeon crawler, in which you are challenged to adventure out on a search and rescue mission in the hopes of finding your missing apprentice alive within the deep and dark dungeons of Tolagal.

Featuring compelling single-player gameplay and deep tactical combat, The Depths of Tolagal includes procedurally generated levels, loads of different and challenging monsters, and tons of loot to discover and collect. Offering a story-mode as well as an infinite mode of play, you can battle with or without permadeath. Combining a simplified x-com style action point based combat system with a streamlined inventory and an accessible and user-friendly UI, The Depths of Tolagal is suitable to players of all experience levels, and contains plenty of upgrades and immersive gameplay, encouraging you to come back for more; after all, your apprentice needs your help should he still be alive …

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