ZQGame Inc. a premiere publisher of mobile games, today announced the global release of its tactical combat RPG, Eternal Crusade: War of the Dragon. Reality becomes a distant past as players will become Heroes, leading their party through dungeons swarming with bizarre creatures and monstrous bosses. Along the way, Heroes will cross paths with Mercenaries (Mercs) to collect, assemble and deploy as specialized combat units. Merc placement and a carefully crafted battle plan are imperative for a winning edge in the War of the Dragon.

Available in the Google Play Store for FREE:www.bit.ly/EternalCrusadeZQ
Official Trailer: http://youtu.be/Z84AsyfocxE

“Underneath its fantasy exterior is an adrenaline-fueled game that will keep you wanting more,” said Jasmine Oh, Project Manager, ZQGame. “It is crucial to make well-timed, split-second decisions when unleashing attacks, buffs, and healing spells. When you are controlling up to six characters simultaneously, situations can get pretty frenetic!”
Eternal Crusade is the third installment of ZQGame’s 2014 lineup of mobile game titles released, catering to a global audience of mid to hardcore gamers. Considered a breakout year for ZQGame , Eternal Crusade follows other hit RPG titles, including the action-anime-inspired Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard and card-battle strategy game Pocket Knights, both with millions of players worldwide.

Eternal Crusade: War of the Dragon Features:
CHOOSE your specialized Hero, directly affecting your squad build and combat style
· Defender – Absorb massive damage while wielding powerful attacks
· Attacker -Unload flurries of critical strikes, hitting enemies quick and hard
· Healer -Give health and purify your party with arcane spells
· Special -A variety of Heroes available with a unique mix of combat abilities
· Supporter -Summon damaging spells and ranged attacks from afar

COLLECT ENHANCE AND EVOLVE from over 200+ Mercs, dramatically transforming their quirks, abilities and appearances.

DEPLOY a balanced squad of Mercs and recruited Friends’ Heroes, managing formations and attack strategies each battle

TEAM UP with existing friends or make new ones and tackle challenging Raid Bosses, reaping the rewards with extremely rare and epic drops

Follow the Crusade:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eternalcrusadezq
Twitter: @ZQGame
ZQGame Website: www.ZQGame.com

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