ZQGame a publisher of high-quality mobile games, today announced the global release of the anime-inspired, action-RPG, Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard.
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Soul Guardians takes a fresh approach to the Action Role Playing Game genre (ARPG) by adding elements of card collecting where players can evolve and fuse the Soul Arts Cards, constructing high-powered attacks for characters to pulverize enemies with.

“Whether you’re into fighting games, an RPG enthusiast, or even a casual gamer looking for something that’s just fun and easy to pick-up, Soul Guardians has it covered,” said John Hwang, Director of Publishing for ZQGame. “We’re also steamrolling ahead of our production schedule and plan to release the iOS version in about a month’s time.”

Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard joins the ranks of ZQGame’s catalog of titles including recently released card battle RPG, Pocket Knights, already available for both Android and iOS devices.

Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard Features:

· The Soul Arts: Collect, enhance, evolve and fuse Soul Arts Cards to morph into creatures during battle. Unleash Rabbitpig Triple Tackles, a Bonny Maid Berry Bomb or put enemies away with a Dummy Knight rolling chop.

· Characters: Dispatch enemies from afar as a Ranger or simply get up-close and impersonal and hack away foes as a Slasher. No matter your style, choose from a wide range of characters to unleash a unique portfolio of punishment

· PVP and Co-Op Modes: Enter the Arena against other players to become a champion of the Soul Guardian’s leaderboard or befriend them to power through some of the most treacherous dungeons

About Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard
A deal with the demons gone awry, the future of humanity and the entire realm of Midgard’s fate lay in the hands of a few fateful warriors known as the Soul Guardians. Take on the roles as a Slasher, Monk, Ranger, Samurai, Spirit Hunter, along with more to come as you encounter the wildest of creatures and bosses as they drop special rewards to help you on your journeys.

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