ShinAnimals the free wacky arcade puzzler now available on Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod

The animals have been given the day off at the local sweets and candy farm, it’s your job to keep them entertained in this wacky new game for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod ShinAnimals is a wacky free Yorkshire themed physics based arcade puzzle game that involves stacking our local candy farm animals to score enough points to clear each level. Battle the farmers dastardly contraptions, constructions and outright dangers to help the candy farm animals win the day. ShinAnimals is set across 40 different levels, providing hours of wacky fun and provides a cheat system to help players past some of the more difficult contraptions.

Features include:
– Wacky Yorkshire sound effects!
– 40 unique levels
– Normal and hard game modes
– Hi-score tables
– Contraptions, pickups, traps and other dangers
– Cheat system to help pass difficult levels
– FREE to play
– Single tap play
– Can be enjoyed by children and adults alike

ShinAnimals was developed using the AppEasy Core (driven by the awesome and FREE cross platform mobile and desktop Marmalade SDK) using the almost as awesome Goji Editor.

Video of ShinAnimals in action can be found on YouTube at:

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