Happy Hills 2 is now available FREE on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

dreamfab and our partners in publishing, Thumbstar Games, are happy to announce that Happy Hills 2: Bombs Away! is now available FREE on the App Store! Working closely with FAAD (Free App A Day) we will be sharing the fun like never before in the sequel to the popular Happy Hills.

Our story begins as Mount Majestic, the silent guardian of Euphoria begins to rumble and smoke. Suddenly the land shudders as the forces inside him are released in an explosive eruption! Thousands of angry blocks now rain down upon the hills to take away their joyful smiles. While this now dark giant continues to expel more blocks, you must free the hills from their oppression, calm the giant, and restore happiness once more to Euphoria.

Featuring single tap intuitive aiming and unique block weaknesses, this game will have gamers of all ages taking aim! Happy Hills 2 also has more content than ever before with 80 new story levels and 80 remastered classic levels for a whopping 160 challenges! We are also very pleased to announce the all new Action mode which will test your skills as you battle waves of falling blocks. With player block customization and new power-ups this exciting sequel will keep you entertained for hours!

Trailer: http://youtu.be/k7FBK7NeZUw

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