Finder’s Keep

Premium mobile game developer Big Blue Bubble Inc. is inviting gamers everywhere to channel their inner adventurer in the new game Finder’s Keep. Available on Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad devices, Finder’s Keep is a dungeon-crawling, monster-slaying, weapon-hoarding experience like no other.

Stunning graphics and addictive gameplay come together to create a new world of demonic nightmares and mythical beings to encounter and conquer! Explore the legendary Finder’s Keep while fending off minotaurs, golems and, if you’re lucky, the Hell’s Breath. Unique monsters will test your mettle and challenge your strategy; different creatures require special abilities and tactics to defeat. Strengthen your arsenal through a dynamic fusing and reinforcement system to improve your gear; a weapon of humble beginnings can transform into one of the rare and coveted Ultimates.

Select your avatar, equip your gear and choose your battle abilities to brawl your way through 150+ levels of nefarious monsters and demons. As you climb the keep, you will unlock new abilities, collect epic loot and challenge powerful foes. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, and to the victor go the spoils.

Much like the sinister tower itself, the sky’s the limit in Finder’s Keep… and there’s nowhere to go but up. Offering daily, weekly and monthly challenges and updates, players are sure to keep coming back for more.

· Risk and reward combat, utilizing 6 different damage types!
· Strategize the most effective build, risk a lot and win big!
· Exchange friend codes with people you know playing the game, and form a team!
· Earn gold and rewards as you and your friends level up!
· Thousands of unique items to collect and customize!
· Find and collect dozens of unique character avatars!
· Try your luck with the treacherous Ornate Chest!
· Free to play!

Device Requirements:
· iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
· Requires iOS 5.0 and up

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