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‘Dexter: Slice’ to Mobile Devices Just in Time for Halloween (Video)

Gazillion, CBS Consumer Products and SHOWTIME released  Dexter: Slice to iOS and Android devices. Celebrating a decade of  television’s most iconic vigilante, the challenging puzzle game enables players to live a slice of Dexter Morgan’s life, as they test their own adeptness at the use of multiple blades and knives. At game launch, the haunting voice of Dexter’s father Harry accompanies all action, complete with extensive original dialogue recorded by award-winning actor James Remar. Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall, will also lend his own voice talents in add-on content this December, available at no cost for those who purchase the game beforehand. Under license by CBS Consumer Products and SHOWTIME, all 120 bloody-fun levels are available just in time for Halloween at $3.99. 

 “I think  Dexter’s fans will get excitement—they’ll get back into the head of Dexter,” says Remar. “It’s a very personal, first-person kind of experience where the people actually get to  be  Dexter, with the voice of Harry in the background. I get to have that little rapport with Dex that was so much fun for me to play when I was actually doing the show. It’s almost like I never left.”

The brainchild of  Ecco the Dolphin creator Ed Annunziata,  Dexter: Slice is the spiritual successor to his popular 2010 release,  Slice HD. As with the previous game,  Dexter: Slice presents players with an onscreen field of  extremely sharp cutlery. Moving each knife reveals buttons that must be quickly pushed before the blades slice back into place. Challenge increases throughout the game—sometimes involving as many as  all 10 fingers—eventually requiring a masterful combination of careful planning, limber fingers and quick reflexes. Fail, however, and anguished screams accompany the realistic blood splatters that now decorate the screen. 

“Anyone familiar with Gazillion knows that we pride ourselves in making quality product related to phenomenal intellectual properties—Dexter: Slice is no different,” says Dave Dohrmann, CEO of Gazillion.