Neowiz announced that DJMAX RESPECT has officially launched on the PS4. A game a decade in the making, it’s a culmination of everything the iconic rhythm game series has ever done. With over 140 songs to challenge the hardcore fan, there has never been a DJMAX game quite so robust and feature-packed.

Developed by Rocky Studio, and published by Neowiz on PlayStation 4, RESPECT represents the culmination of every past DJMAX release, including every single song from the series as DLC available after launch. The base game comes packed with an unprecedented number of songs to play: 147 in total with 40 brand new songs created exclusively for DJMAX RESPECT.

All classic songs completely remastered, running at 1080p with 60FPS gameplay. In a first ever for the series, DJMAX RESPECT has support for local and online multiplayer via PlayStation Network. The achievement system, leaderboards, and collections are more robust than ever with three unique ways to track your progress among players worldwide. Yes, that’s right – you can finally prove just how good you are what the hardest rhythm game in the world, and put your skills to the test against everyone else that loves this iconic series.