Dog Sled Saga Releases September 22nd (Video)

Dan + Lisa announce the release date for the complete version of Dog Sled Saga to be September 22nd, 2016. The game will transition out of Steam Early Access (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), plus debut on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Dog Sled Saga is the debut collaboration between creators Dan FitzGerald and Lisa Bromiel. Players take on the role of a rookie musher who must foster a team of unique dogs to carve their story into the trails of the Mount St. Something region. The game combines hectic arcade racing with rich team management layers.

Three and a half years of development have seen a quickly funded Kickstarter campaign in 2013, a well received Steam Early Access project, and a recent string of major updates pushing towards the completion of the game. The full release next month will see the long-awaited iOS and Android ports of the game, plus many big new things like overarching story moments, a breeding system, and a final wave of polish.