Doors&Rooms 3 – The most complete escape game is back

Gameday, publisher of Roombreak and the Doors&Rooms series that surpassed 30 million downloads, has announced today the release of its latest title, Doors&Rooms 3, the Apple App Store. It is the sequel to “Doors&Rooms” and “Doors&Rooms2” which surpass 18 million downloads globally.

Doors&Rooms 3 features much more elaborate and solidified stages over its predecessor. Each stage contains the main puzzle in finding an escape route, so players discover the hidden items located in various fields and uncover clues to escape. There are uncovering dangerous objects in the game, so players may lose their strength if they were not careful. “In this version, we add strength level based system that allows multiple stage plays. It will make the game more interesting.” stated Jisung Kim, director of Doors&Rooms 3. “We exerted every effort in our respective fields. We are quite confident that player will love Doors&Rooms 3.”

To celebrate the game’s global launch, Gameday is offering a limited-time event: players who buy in-app purchases will get bonuses up to 30%.

Doors&Rooms 3 is now available for free on the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and on the Google Play Store for Android devices

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