Dreamlike Mix: the miraculous world where the laws of physics have no power is now on Google Play

Nika Entertainment, the creator of the Match 3 hits Fairy Mix and Magic Kitchen, announced that its new project Dreamlike Mix is now available for download on Google Play. In early October 2015, the game will also be released on the App Store.

Dreamlike Mix is a fascinating and colorful game based on the best fairy tales familiar to millions of people: Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots and the Three Little Pigs. While all traditional Match 3 mechanics are still there, ingenious elements and special effects, a peculiar game field, where the laws of physics have no power and unique meta-gameplay are the features that make Dreamlike Mix really special. Every fairy tale character has multiple magic abilities that can be upgraded. To complete their quest, the players move through various locations, facing powerful adversaries in special “Defeat the Boss” missions, and claiming the treasures they guard.

Game features:
– Opportunity to choose a character with upgradeable magic abilities (3 for each character);
– More than 40 negative characters counteracting the protagonists;
– Beads are ingenious and bright elements of the game field;
– Unique elements and special effects on the game field: indication of gravity direction, animated assistants and opponents.
– 6 colorful locations with more than 150 levels.

Dreamlike Mix on:
Facebook  http://bit.ly/1KrtIGi

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