Release date for Ambush – Tower Offense on Google Play

Tower Offense, an innovative mix of tower defense and brand-new tower offense gameplay with cartoon graphics will be available on Google Play from December 14th, 2014. This multiplayer PvP game by Creative Mobile’s Fun Factory and Take Away Games studio will be available for free download with In-App Purchases.

Ambush – Tower Offense combines a classic tower defense game with tower offense elements. The aim of the game is to attack other players to conquer resources, at the same time protecting and defending your base from enemy attacks. The basics of the tower defense and tower offense modes are thoroughly explained to players in an extensive tutorial. There are up to 20 types of tower and upgrade options, as well as 20 combat units and monsters, each with different abilities. Every battlefield needs to be approached with its own strategy, in particular, the use of heroes from the different combat units or magic spells for the player’s troops or spells for enemy troops have to be used carefully because of the timer. By winning battles, players receive experience points to expand their base and upgrade the units and towers necessary for both game modes. Resources are obtained during battles and also while occupying the players territories.

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