‘Drinking GameZ: Beer Pong’ Is The Most Epic Beer Chugging Ball Bouncing Game Experience Ever!

Independent games developer ‘APPatheia’ is proud to announce the worldwide release of ‘Drinking GameZ: Beer Pong’ to the iOS® app store. Available now as a FREE download featuring in-app upgrades, this highly entertaining and incredibly addictive party game for the Apple iPhone® and Apple iPod touch® is just the first in a series of social apps by the developer.

Whereas similar games on the market are based on luck and basic timing, ‘Drinking GameZ: Beer Pong’ is the real deal! It is without a doubt the most fun, the most engaging, and the most challenging skill-based party game available with plenty of features! Flick the ball to mark your spot then tap the power meter and tilt your device to adjust your shot. No more ‘tap and hope’ as you have full control of the entire shot. You can even call your shots and clear two cups or try a bounce-shot. As something truly unique, the game features a wobbling drunk-effect simulating your intoxication level! Hard-earned coins can be used to purchase power-ups such as energy shots, mulligans and coffee (among other cool items), and you can even challenge your friends or strangers in multi-player mode, only to beat them for bragging rights! Online statistics and leaderboards allow you to monitor your performance and progress.

With its 3 levels of difficulty, addictive gameplay, realistic simulation, endless upgrades and multi-player support, ‘Drinking GameZ: Beer Pong’ has it all! Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate beer chugging champion?

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