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The Dungeon Lord Returns as Dungeons 2 is Unleashed on Mac App Store

An Apple a day keeps the…Dungeon Lord away? Well not any more, as the Ultimate Evil has overcome his weakness to vitamin C and has arrived on the Mac App Store to unleash a new reign of terror upon us all. Especially if you are a unicorn, he hates unicorns. Snots throughout the underworld, prepare to quiver in your boots as Dungeons 2 launches for the Mac App Store.

Featuring a unique mixture of classic dungeon simulation and real-time strategy gameplay, Dungeons 2 challenges players to assume the role of The Dungeon Lord, craft a network of terrifying dungeons and use its resources to fuel a campaign against the forces of goodliness. Order your servant snots to do your bidding and fill your coffers with gold, amass an army of lurching minions and then head to the surface world of the humans to conquer The Overworld.

To see Dungeons 2 in action, check out the gameplay trailer below, featuring some of the terrifying creatures who roam your dungeon as well as the loyal (but stupid) Snots eagerly mining gold while avoiding a slap from the ‘Hand of Terror’.

Dungeons 2 is available worldwide via the Mac App Store and Steam for Windows PC, Mac and SteamOS for £29.99/€39.99/$39.99.

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