Run & Don’t get Fat! Available iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Run & Don’t get Fat! was born to brings a fresh air to fans of runner, highly challenge the reaction of user in every carefully designed platforms.

Run & Don’t get Fat! gameplay is simple: tap to jump, eat food to get bigger or diet to get back to normal. The possibility to increase size created the unique gameplay of Run & Don’t get Fat! While timing everything to stay alive on the platform, the player has to decide about eating foods or not since the running speed will be slower or even faster depend on how big they are. Obstacles system are simple, touching anything that isn’t solid ground means instant game-over. Level design are divided to multi segments, ends by a checkpoint, each segment is short enough to please even patientless player that would give up after many retries and still unable to reach the end of an level. Each time of game-over, the player will be restarting right at the segment that they previously fail so the challenge can be continue in the next game. We make the game more accessible to newcomers of “Impossible” type while Run & Don’t get Fat! is truly a toughest game in the genre, but it’s playable even with less “hardcore” iOS gamers. That’s why it’s definitely worth checking out. The number of segments & its variation are huge (more than 500 different segments with twist on each). Player will compare their score with global players or friends via Game Center’s leaderboard; and there’re many of Game Center’s achievements to unlock.

Run & Don’t get Fat! is a universal app and is Free to play with ads (Remove Ads costs $0.99 as iAP). It’s an exclusive game for the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad.

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