Dutch game studio releases [s]quaredrop, a frustrating puzzle game for iOS and Android.

The dutch game studio Toothpaste & Bubblegum has released a game called [s]quaredrop for iOS and Android. In the game you have to swipe falling squares into gates, which will require a good timing. The game available in the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android and costs $ 0,99.

[s]quaredrop is a game with a clean design. In each level you have to swipe one or multiple squares into a gate. You get one swipe per square, which is why you have to time and aim it carefully.The game has 100 varied levels, divided into 5 chapters. Each chapter has a theme, for example: squares that will fade out when they fall. The levels also contain obstacles, trampolines, bombs and switches. To complete a level, you have to finish it a few times in a row, without making any errors. A challenge for players who want to master the game.

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