‘Echo Dawn: Shattered Visions’ Now Available On iOS® Offers An Epic Turn-Based RPG Of Legendary Proportions!

Indie developer PixeLight Games is excited to announce the worldwide release and availability of their mobile launch-game, Echo Dawn: Shattered Visions, now available for download on the iOS® digital app store priced at USD $3.99.

Launch Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pd8oljS03s

Echo Dawn: Shattered Visions offers deep, tactical gameplay in an epic 15-hour long fantasy RPG, in which the first humans face corruption and ultimate destruction. Delve into a story of memories, blood, death, betrayal, love, life and friendship, and all that comes with it. Be challenged with turn-based combat that allows you to discover hundreds of abilities and equipment. Test your strategic prowess to see if you can decimate your enemies, emerge victorious, and unravel the bold and daring story.

Echo Dawn: Shattered Visions offers a high level of customization. Select your party of four characters from an assortment of seven different classes such as healers and bards, and configure each character to your specific style of play. Do you want your ninja to be slow and hit for high damage? Or would you rather have a lightning fast ninja that does medium damage? Then again, maybe you just want to relax and throw shurikens so you can poison your enemies to death! The possibilities are endless, but choose wisely for your choices will determine the outcome of your battles.

Out of all the abilities and items in the game, you decide what works best for your party. For each level, you choose the stats that you wish to improve for each character, and while heavy armor with lots of Stamina works well if you want a defensive style of play, others might opt for a more aggressive approach, and put the party on the line for maximum damage.

Echo Dawn: Shattered Visions provides a great story, deep gameplay and 50 levels of exciting RPG action. Designed for players of all ages and experience levels, you can choose how epic of a challenge you want. Choose from one of four levels of difficulty. But that is not all. Echo Dawn features hidden boss battles to give you the ultimate challenge to test yourself. Are you prepared?

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