Turn-based RPG Heroes of Steel has just released its third major expansion pack, Episode 3: Whispers over Steel.

Turn-based RPG Heroes of Steel has just released its third major expansion pack, Episode 3: Whispers over Steel. Now, forged together by common trials, your four heroes must unearth dark secrets and even darker sorcery in the City of the Dead. The new episode increases the expansive size of the world with 22 new dungeons, and invites your cave-dwelling characters to return to the surface of the old world, lost to the apocalypse 70 years ago.

There, on the surface and in the ruined cities of ages past, you’ll face necromantic sorcery, spirits of long dead warriors, and the relentless hordes of skeletal warriors guarding the great City. Deploying new monster intelligence systems, more challenging summoners, creatures that will drain your hero’s Spirit Point reserves, and ethereal spectres, once again you’ll be forced to adapt your strategies and change up the roles within your group to cope. As you battle your way through Episode 3, your heroes will now have the opportunity to increase their levels past 28 and all the way to level 36. With hundreds of new items added in treasure chests, shops, and secrets across the world, you’ll find plenty of powerful magical gear to keep your group stocked with all the best.

The non-linear storyline of Heroes of Steel will continue to challenge your heroes as they strive for victory in Episode 3, facing more and more challenging enemies. On the brink of catching their nemesis, but also on the edge of discovering new threats to their people, the heroes will grapple with hard issues from political to personal, facing strife, pain and powerful sorcery. Episode 3 comes out hot on the heels of the release of the game’s competitive leaderboards and enables those climbing the ladders to reach new heights of scoring.
•Achieve new level maximums with your characters, rising from level 28 to 36
•Face more than 20 new types of monster – from Necromancers to Ghoul Lords
•22 new dungeons to conquer and loot
•New High Speed option and Auto Buff feature increases speed of play, allows casting of all buffs in a single click or tap
•Rich and branching storyline continues and difficulty story decisions begin to bear fruit
•Hundreds of new weapons, armor, and gear including Spirit Drain rings and Auto-block shields



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