One-man indie game developer Cruz Games, LLC announced today the general availability of The Grigori Stones on the iTunes Store exclusively for the iPad. The children of Fallen Angels are rampaging through a victorian-inspired world filled with Vampires, Zombies, and Werewolves. Wage war in this Stratego/Mahjong mashup of a collectible tile-based game.

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The Grigori Stones is played on a board similar to Mahjong. Your troops are represented by tiles stacked and placed randomly on two opposing sides with their flag in the center. The rules are simple, but the consequences of your actions reverberate with deep, strategic possibilities.

Once play begins, each player takes their turn by performing one of the following actions:
– Move a tile
– Attack tile
– Use a tile ability
– Place a tile from your hand

Once they perform their one action, it is now their opponent’s turn. Play continues until all of a player’s tiles are destroyed or their flag is taken.

The Grigori Stones was developed for the iPad and is currently available for free on the iTunes store. Please visit for more information about the game, the rules, and details about all of the tiles.

– Collectible Tile-Based Strategy
– 35 Campaign Levels
– Pass-and-Play Multiplayer
– Hone Your Strategy Offline
– Battle Your Friends Online
– Earn or Purchase More Tiles

Availability: Now!
Price: Free
Platform: iPad 2 or greater

Gameplay Video:

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