GAMEVIL launches Spirit Stones on App Store

GAMEVIL has announced the launch of its latest mobile title, Spirit Stones, on App Store today. Spirit Stones is an addictive puzzle RPG combined with elements of a fantasy trading card game. It is free-to-play, equipped with live services and updates.

The game’s casual gameplay mechanic makes Spirit Stones appealing to both casual and hardcore gamers. By simply swiping and matching tiles of the same color, players can quickly engage in battle. As players progress, however, they will find that strategy is required to overcome tricky traps and obstacles in the latter stages. Though easy to start, the game is challenging to master.

With over 500 stages and 400 unique heroes, Spirit Stones comes packed with in-depth content. Players will find themselves scrolling through pages of beautifully illustrated cards, immersed in building the ultimate team. Their line-ups can then by put to the test through quests or in battle.

Featuring Facebook Connect, Spirit Stones allows players account access from any device. Players can easily connect with Facebook friends, create alliances, and engage in co-op play. For those who enjoy competition, players can also opt to battle players around the world in Global PvP.

“We are excited to be working once again with GAMEVIL for the launch of our newest title, Spirit Stones,” stated Junhee Lee, CEO of EnterFly. “The game is sure to appeal to a wide range of gamers through its casual gameplay and hundreds of unique puzzles and heroes.”

“Spirit Stones marks the first title to be actively published and operated by US office,” added Kyu Lee, President of GAMEVIL USA. “We are dedicated to working hand-in-hand with EnterFly to bring consistent events and updates to keep the game fresh and to build a strong community for the game.”

Spirit Stones is a third party title developed by EnterFly, the creative minds that brought global hit Air Penguin, and published by GAMEVIL through its global expansion funds. It is now available for free on App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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