HeroCraft releases a free mobile game Kikoriki: Team Invincible for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

HeroCraft are delighted to announce the launch of the free version of their Kikoriki: Team Invincible based on the animated series Kikoriki. The game is a unique gameplay adventure with hi-quality cartoon style graphics.

According to the game storyline, The Kikoriki appear in a modern megapolis as superheroes. But why? They made a very important decision: their mission is to save the world from the threat of full destruction. A world where everything is grown up and boring! This very step leads to the most exciting adventure in their lives!

The game development was carried out in close working partnership with the Riki team of companies – the creators of Kikoriki.

The game will be fun for all ages. It’s characterized by a cute atmosphere, bright visuals and massively interactive game world.

The gameplay of Kikoriki doesn’t have direct comparisons with any other title: the game is set in several episodes in which the player manages two heroes at the same time. Sometimes the player needs to solve logical puzzles using the innate powers of both Kikoriki (by switching freely from one to another).

Click here to view Kikoriki: Team Invincible on the App Store.

Game features :
– your favourite characters from the show;
– combination of the Kikoriki powers for successful progress;
– level bosses;
– interactive game reality and breakable objects and scenery.

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