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There Came an Echo comes to the PlayStation 4 on May 31st

Iridium Studios, developer of the critically acclaimed Before the Echo, is proud to announce that its second title, There Came an Echo, will be releasing next week as a console exclusive on the PlayStation 4 for $14.99. The game features a complex, cyberpunk narrative starring Wil Wheaton, Laura Bailey, Yuri Lowenthal, Ashly Burch, and more.

“It turns out porting games is hard,” said Jason Wishnov, CEO of Iridium Studios, who enjoys stating obvious facts. “But after some significant period of time, and the help of Sony’s engineers, we managed to bring the exceptionally advanced voice recognition in There Came an Echo to life on the PlayStation 4.”

Players will soon be able to order their units across the battlefield with standard commands (“All units, move to alpha three!”) as well as custom commands they can enter themselves (“Johnny Depp, do that crazy walk thing to alpha three!”). Narratively, they’ll watch as Corrin Webb, played by Wil Wheaton, is thrown into a worldwide game over global intrigue over a piece of transhumanist technology that threatens to upend the world’s status quo.

About There Came an Echo
There Came an Echo combines elements of both rhythm and role-playing games to create an entirely unique experience. Join Ky on his ascent of a mysterious Tower, guided onward by a mysterious girl named Naia. Encounter deadly monsters and ridiculous characters, and discover the grand scheme behind Ky’s mysterious imprisonment…that is, if you can survive the journey.

Key Features:
◾Fully voice-acted, 10+ hour story mode

◾With music by Ronald Jenkees and Michael Wade Hamilton

◾Deep item synthesis and spell customization mechanics provide a full RPG experience

◾Full integration of Steam achievements and cloud saves