Ellipsis – Intel’s Game of the Year is launching on PC in January (Video)

· Winner of Intel’s Level Up contest – GAME OF THE YEAR and Best Action Game
· Announcing the release date of Ellipsis on PC for January 2017
· Closed Beta starting this month on PC

After nearly three years of development, the two-man indie team at Salmi Games is happy to announce that Ellipsis, Intel’s 2016 Game of the Year is launching on PC in January 2017.

Set in a colorful universe, Ellipsis is a minimalist action game where players guide a ship through unknown worlds, unlocking over 150 different levels as they master the game’s mechanics. Every stage brings a new set of challenges as ever-evolving obstacles and puzzles keep the gamer immersed by requiring increasing agility, speed, and skill to reveal the mystery.

The unique gameplay, clean design and gentle learning curve without any text make this game accessible to a global audience. Ellipsis has been received incredibly well across the world, being named Intel’s Game of the Year as well as Best Indie Game at MomoCon.

The team is dedicated to making the PC version the best one yet, adding new levels, exclusive content and new mechanics. Ellipsis is also getting new remastered high-quality assets for all resolutions and will feature mouse, keyboard and touchscreen support. Ellipsis will launch simultaneously on Windows, Mac and Linux. Yacine adds: “we are excited to finally bring Ellipsis to the PC where we feel most at home, we have a lot of new ideas in store to make this the best version yet”.

“Join us as we put the final touches on the PC release: We’re happy to share our progress with our community and will invite our newsletter subscribers as well as members of the press to test out the Beta starting at the end of the month.”