Microids Games for All challenges the reflection game fans with the adaptation of the famous ” Color Cross ” on iPhone and iPad.

After the success of ” Color Cross” on Facebook, Microids Games for All announces the release of the game on iOS supports, co-published by Little Worlds Studio. This title counts up more than 100,000 active players per month and gets a 4/5 grade on Facebook. Today, the fans have the opportunity to play the original game on their smartphones and tablets, with a brand new interface and a gameplay adapted to touch screens.

In ” Color Cross “, puzzle, Sudoku and brainteaser-lovers find the classical pattern of logic games, with a colorful and attractive dimension. Add to this a user-friendly interface (place the finger on a box and simply slide it along lines and columns to reveal images…).

The aim is quite simple: reform the mysterious image hidden behind a grid by fulfilling each box with the appropriate color, deduced from the figures written on the side of the grid. At the very beginning, a tutorial guides the beginners step by step, so that they can smoothly understand the rules.

Two modes are included: the ” Collection ” mode gathers more than 400 varied theme-puzzle games (animals, home, pirates, fashion, Middle-Age, candy…) and a ” Grid of the day ” mode with new puzzles every day (if the players connect with their Facebook account).

Current players of the online version of ” Color Cross ” can synchronize their Facebook accounts with the iOS application. This way, they can synchronize their progression in the Collection mode, and play the Grid of the Day anywhere, and by doing so participate to the daily worldwide ranking by connecting on Facebook.

The adaptation of ” Color Cross ” on mobile devices is an original and addictive reflection game aimed at all kinds of public.

” Color Cross ” is available as of March 13, 2014 on iPhone and iPad, in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

“Color Cross” (iOS Universal)
Freemium + in-app purchase / Size : 13 Mo

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