Evil Genius Online infiltrates iPhones and iPads across the globe

Independent UK developer Rebellion today announced the global launch of Evil Genius Online on iPhone and iPad with a slick launch trailer inspired by 60s spy films.

Originally launched for Facebook in 2014, Evil Genius Online for iPhone and iPad takes direct inspiration from the lair-building, minion-training world domination simulation made famous by classic PC game Evil Genius. Players will be able to synchronise lairs and progress between both the mobile and Facebook versions of the game.

Evil Genius Online can be downloaded for FREE on the App Store.

World domination for a new generation

The Evil Genius franchise predated the current boom in mobile strategy and simulation games by almost a decade, becoming an instant classic on PC with its trademark black humour, subversive narrative and timeless art style.

And it was the very same fans of the much-loved original that helped make Evil Genius Online a better game, as Rebellion Creative Director Jason Kingsley explains:

“The Facebook beta was crucial in preparing this game for iPhone and iPad. Some of our earliest players were Evil Genius experts, and it was their feedback that has shaped EGO into a game that can be enjoyed by a whole new generation – gamers that have never played games on anything other than smart devices.”

Lead Producer Steven Archer believes that careful iteration has created a free-to-play game with uniquely rewarding emergent design, one that was influenced by a cunning meta-game that quickly developed between hard-working developers and quick-witted beta players:

“Last year our leaderboards were dominated by players who achieved scores we didn’t believe were possible. When we investigated, we quickly discovered some of our players had used combinations of items and tactics even our designers hadn’t thought of, and then shared their tactics with other Evil Geniuses around the world. That’s when we knew we’d made a true world domination simulation!”

Key facts
•Available as a free download on the App Store.
•Compatible with iPad mini 2 and above, iPad Air and iPhone 5s and above.
•Requires iOS 7.0 and above.
•Launch trailer can be viewed here: http://youtu.be/mjPYYxOsv28
•Players can synchronise lairs and progress between Apple devices and the Facebook version of Evil Genius Online.

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