Eggciting Chicky Duo Update – Now Available On iPhones And Android!

The developers of hit mobile strategy title – King’s League: Odyssey – Kurechii, are pleased to announced an important update for their latest game Chicky Duo.

Previously only available on iPads, Chicky Duo is now playable on iPhones and Android devices on Google Play as well!

Did the chicken or the egg come first?
In Chicky Duo, the chicken comes first. As in, first priority!

A point-and-click puzzle adventure, Chicky Duo follows two chicks who embark on a mission to rescue their mother.

Watch the trailer on Youtube:

Featuring delicious eye candy and unique puzzles, the mission starts from the egg and soars all the way into the clouds. Will the two chicks be able to save their mother before she is taken away from them forever?

Chicky Duo has been made available for iPhones on Thursday, January 22, 2014, alongside the previously available iPad version on the iTunes AppStore. It can also be purchased from Google Play Store – both at the price of $1.99.

Game Features
• Minimal text, easy to pick-up
• Lively animation and polished art
• A handful of interesting mini puzzles
• Complete chapters through their teamwork
• Adorable characters, especially our chicks-on-a-mission: Butter and Cream

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