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Indie developers, Widget Revolt, are pleased to announce the release of their latest game, Shuffle Run. It’s an addictive, rock-opera-satire-arcade game for iOS. A mix of shuffleboard, pinball and arcade gaming, Shuffle Run is not quite like anything else you’ve played. Free to play with dozens of levels, nostalgic graphics and an original soundtrack, this is quite possibly the only game in its class.

“We didn’t make the make the world of freemium mobile gaming, we’re just living in it,” says S.E. White, producer for Shuffle Run. “This is a satirical take on gaming that also happens to be fun to play. It’s a mix of different classic games, but it also takes some puzzle solving skills to successfully play it. Shuffle Run has been a long term project for us. It’s something we worked on in our spare time while doing more serious projects for our clients. It was a way for us to relax and have a laugh. Throw in the fact that the game may be the first rock-opera-arcade game ever released to the App Store and you have something that is truly unique.”

Shuffle Run includes 35 game boards and 3 bonus mini games. It has an all original soundtrack that includes audio clips that recreate the sounds of a classic arcade. “We found some audio clips that someone recorded in old arcades during the early 80s. Then, we used those as an inspiration to make our own mock arcade sounds,” says S.E. White. “Aside from being appropriate to the game’s story, it’s just cool. There’s a lot of attention to detail in this game.”

With social integration and special super boots you can play levels much like a pinball game, again and again, for the best scores against yourself and your friends. S.E. White continues, “We wanted to make something that would mimic that feeling you get playing in the arcade, a feeling that’s not the norm now, while sort of poking fun at how silly freemium gaming can sometimes be. It’s all meant in good humor and we hope people get a laugh while playing it, just like we did when we wrote it.”

Widget Revolt writes revolutionary mobile apps. While we specialize in gaming and network management, we can do just about anything.
Web site: http://www.widgetrevolt.com/
Game: http://www.widgetrevolt.com/products/shufflerun
YouTube: http://youtu.be/87GtCoNFgKE

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