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ROYAL REVOLT 2 comes to Android

flaregames, a leading publisher and developer of mobile games, announced today that their long-awaited mobile game Royal Revolt 2, released on iOS only last week, has been published on Google Play today, making it available for millions of Android user across many countries and devices. The game is free to download and has been localized to 15 languages.

Royal Revolt 2, the sequel to the international smash hit Royal Revolt!, is a beautiful 3D tower defense game with a new twist, the ability to play offense. Players build castles and defensive installations – and attack each other for gold and fame!

The game has already garnered its first accolade: The prestigious International Mobile Game Awards nominated it for inclusion in the ‘Best upcoming game’ category.

‘Royal Revolt 2 launched strongly on iOS last week; we hope to repeat the success with our Android version. We’re happy to hit Google Play on its second birthday and are proud to celebrate this great platform with extra birthday- and Android-themed ingame art. ’ said Klaas Kersting, Founder and CEO of flaregames.

About the Royal Revolt series

Royal Revolt! was published in 2012 on iOS, Android, Amazon Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Mac. It has been downloaded more than 10,000,000 times and is still played by about 100,000 gamers each day. It won a number of awards, among them the German Game Developer’s Award 2012.

Royal Revolt 2 was released on iOS last week and reached No 1 positions in the RPG category in more than 60 countries. The Android version comes with extra content. Royal Revolt! reversed the tower defense genre by putting players in the role of the attacker instead of defender. The successor brings its own unique innovation to the genre. For the first time, players take on both roles, defending and attacking. In impressive 3D, players can now set up their own castles and build extensive defenses with walls, traps and powerful towers. All this can be easily created with a few touches using the new intuitive construction mode. Combined with improved attacking gameplay from Royal Revolt!, players blend the two activities to accumulate gold and fame.

The series is developed by Keen Flare, flaregames’ Frankfurt studio.

Join the community at www.facebook.com/RoyalRevolt or www.royalrevolt.com

Watch the release trailer on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmOggrC54N0

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