Pokémon Shuffle arrives in February 2015; New Mythical Pokémon Revealed.

The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo have announced Pokémon Shuffle, a new game for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS systems that can be downloaded by players from Nintendo eShop at no cost.

In Pokémon Shuffle, players will put their puzzle-solving skills to the test as they battle wild Pokémon across a variety of stages. Match three or more Pokémon in the Puzzle Area to deal damage. The aim of the game is to reduce the wild Pokémon’s HP to zero within the number of moves available.

Clearing Pokémon efficiently is the key to success, and players will be able to take advantage of their own Pokémon’s type during gameplay. Each Pokémon has a specific type, such as Fire, Water or Grass, with each type having its own strengths and weaknesses. What’s more, players will also be able to raise the level of their Pokémon as they play, enabling them to deal even more damage. Just as in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, some Pokémon can even Mega Evolve! Mega-Evolved Pokémon are able to remove many wild Pokémon from the Puzzle Area at a time.

Players start the game with five Hearts, and one is used up for each stage played. When players run out of Hearts, they’ll need to wait for their Hearts to replenish in order to re-enter battle. Optionally, players will be able to keep playing immediately by using items earned in-game through regular gameplay or purchased at Nintendo eShop. Other items that players might find useful will also be available via the same methods.

The Pokémon Company International also today revealed Hoopa, a newly discovered Pokémon from the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire video games. Hoopa is an extremely rare Mythical Pokémon that cannot be found during normal gameplay. Categorised as a Mischief Pokémon, Hoopa is a Psychic- and Ghost-type Pokémon, recognisable by the golden rings that adorn its horns and body, which are said to have the power to bend dimensions and move objects across great distances.

A brand-new trailer featuring the Mythical Pokémon has been released on www.Pokemon.com/uk and Pokémon’s official YouTube channel today. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire players should stay tuned to www.Pokemon.com/uk and Pokémon social media channels for information on how to obtain Hoopa.

For more information on Pokémon Shuffle, please visit www.pokemon.com/uk.

Be sure to visit www.pokemonrubysapphire.com for more information on Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

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