Goat Simulator on Android and iOS recieves huge 1.1 update

The iOS and Android version of Goat Simulator, which recently reached 1.5 million sales in total (it’s even bigger than PC now!), is receiving a whole new map and tons of new unlockable goats, practically doubling the current content in the game.

The update will be free and everyone who owns Goat Simulator on their mobile device will receive it automagically. Furthermore, Goat Simulator will be 40% off on all mobile devices until the end of January.

About Goat Simulator:
Goat Simulator is a drug that is created by the 0’s and 1’s inside computers, and then radiated from a computer screen right into YOUR EYES, forcing your brain to have fun. Coffee Stain Studios have now ported this technology to iOS and Android, giving you the ability to inject your brain with fun wherever you go.

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