Evolve mystical Totems and beat Golems into submission in TOTEM FORGE (Video)

Ready to unlock the mysteries of the mighty beings known as Totems? Looking for a smart, stylish puzzle game without edibles of any sort?  If so, you’ll be happy to know that TOTEM FORGE is due Wednesday, October 26th on iOS.

An original take on puzzle games, Totem Forge offers players a mature, polished look coupled with streamlined gameplay mechanics. Early on, the game may seem simple (dropping gems into a board has certainly been done before) — but soon enough, it proceeds take a turn for the hardcore. Evil Golems may get in the way, and troublesome Gold Nuggets (impossible to match) can create a real mess … real fast.

However, all is not lost: Mysterious Totems are here to help. Place your gems right, and you’ll be able to evolve any Totems you encounter into incredibly powerful beings. Place them wrong, and the board will slowly fill up. If a row reaches the bottom of the forge, you’ll be down one hit point!

To keep things interesting, special power-ups eventually become available to even the odds … if you last long enough, that is:

*   Use FIREBALLS to temper gems (making them worth more points), knock loose gems into adjacent rows, or disintegrate a bunch of Gold Nuggets and the occasional Golem.

*   Activate a MAGNET to grab the last gem from the back of a row into your Gem deck.

*   Trigger special PULLERS to attract all gems in a row toward the source.

*   Certain CRYSTALS have unique properties when tempered; you’ll only need TWO to make a match!

Totem Forge distills core tenets of the genre in a package made to order for discerning puzzle fans and beginners alike. If you’re in for a healthy challenge and can’t stand matching candy anymore, you’ll love Totem Forge 🙂

*   Enjoy a wholly original design based on familiar Match-3 mechanics.
*   Plan ahead to implement spectacular combos.
*   Confront evil Golems that mess with your moves.
*   Evolve magical Totems!
*   Listen carefully: Golems and Totems are voiced by legendary beatbox artist Heatbox.
*   Play for a couple of minutes — or hours!
*   Enjoy a rich atmosphere complete with treasure, magical Totems, sophisticated visual effects, and an epic music score.

Totem Forge is due October 26th on iOS for $2.99. The game is free of in-app purchases and DLC; this is as premium as it gets!