Android version of “ChargeShot” via Razer Forge TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and NVIDIA Shield (Video)

OUYA Publishing announced today the expanded release of “ChargeShot.” Originally launched for PC on Steam by indie developer Cowboy Color, the futuristic fantasy-deathmatch game is the second multi-platform title in as many months distributed and marketed by OUYA Publishing, a wholly owned division of Razer, Inc.

Gamers can now enjoy the Android version of “ChargeShot” via Razer Forge TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and NVIDIA Shield with a weeklong launch sale for $7.99. Four new playable characters were added to the updated game, including a rendition of Razer Co-Founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan, along with a new capture-the-flag “Gem Master” mode.

“It seems that every time one of my staff do a deal with an indie game, I wind-up as some kind of weird character in-game, probably so they can give me a humiliating beating virtually,” says Tan. “Fortunately, they choose great games when they do this to me, and ‘ChargeShot’ is no exception.

The commercially successful “ChargeShot,” originally distributed for PC, was produced on what has been characterized as a “less-than-shoestring budget,” a credit to its creators and a counterpoint to the production values and immersive appeal that made it a fan-favorite worldwide.

In the game, men, Girblons, women, and children from across dozens of galactic sectors annually tune-in to their local space TV stations for the most anticipated event of the year: “ChargeShot.”

Bounty hunters from across the known universe compete annually for eternal glory and a coveted $2,000,001 space-credit reward in ChargeShot. Each player is armed with a Pulsar Cannon, capable of powerful blasts that bounce off walls and instantly destroy any life forms they touch; an Energy Shield, which can reflect Pulsar blasts and knock opponents into dangerous hazards; and a standard-issue jetpack for traversing the battlefield with deadly speed and grace. In a fascist, dystopian galaxy where humans are the rats of the stars, yetis have mastered space travel and Goopies are Girblons, you’ll assume control of one of many ass-kicking, elite bounty-hunters. Play against humans, hone your skills against AI or dominate the leaderboards of the single-player quest to become the best professional bounty hunter in all of space. With achievements, character backstories and a slathering of unlockable characters, “ChargeShot” has what your butt’s been craving.