A Taptastic Tapping Adventure With Tappymon (Video)

Welcome to the world of Tappymon where elements and legendary monsters live in harmony. Be the best trainer you can be by feeding your monsters, evolving them, leveling them up and breeding them to create new elements and explore the world of Tappymon!

Featured as the ‘Best New Game’ and ‘Games We Love’ on the App Store in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Tappymon is an addictive fast action tapping game where you are the legendary Tapping Monster trainer!

There are 4 different elements Fire, Water, Earth and Air. By feeding your Tappymon and evolving them with different elements you’re able to create whole new elements and breed different monsters! Battle your monsters through the world of Tappymon, discovering new elements and challenge them to find their strengths and weaknesses.

Unlock different Tappymon monsters, battle your way through the arenas and collect hundreds of items and artifacts to strengthen your Tappymons in battle! Play by yourself, or play with your friends in co-op mode and even challenge them in the Tappymon arena in PvP!

Developed by Mediasoft™ Entertainment, Malaysia’s award winning games development studio. Tappymon has been soft launched in Belgium, New Zealand, Malaysia, Turkey, Mexico, Russia, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Belize, Luxemburg, Estonia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Australia, Canada and Singapore.