Adding to the recent renaissance of immersive fantasy and RPG immersive handheld digital adventures, independent developer Liber Primus Games today announced the upcoming launch of Narborion Saga, an exciting handheld fantasy adventure interactive narrative app, featuring dynamic storytelling, side quests and mini games. Narborian Saga will be available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Amazon Kindle and Android on Google Play this November as a free-to-play app.

The saga follows the life of the story’s main hero, from his humble beginnings as a simple squire to uncovering his heritage as the one true king, who must unite eight different kingdoms into one single empire. Players begin their journey by selecting from a specific character class including a fighter, mage and priest, thus deciding what kind of ruler the character will be. During the story the player builds his Fame (collecting Fame points), which will determine his characters popularity.

The books hero will take on many different side quests and face off against a variety of characters including witches, goblins, dwarves and the undead using traditional weapons or by casting spells.

Narborian Saga is an epic fantasy story that writes itself as you play. Written by young award winning novelist Francis Hora and Dr Tom Pollak, a professional novelist and former editor of Dragon, the popular Dungeon’s and Dragon’s role playing game magazine, Narborion Saga aims to immerse readers into the world of an elaborate RPG fantasy, in the first of several stories planned in the Narborion Saga. Readers will rewrite the fate of the story’s hero through dynamic elements when the reader rolls virtual dice to decide the outcome of the story.

“Storytelling is a vital age old part of our creative consciousness. We’re excited at bringing Narborion Saga to life in the form of a gamebook app, and transforming what was once a popular paperback format of gaming into a digital handheld app,” said co-writer Dr Tom Pollak. “Through dynamic elements, the adventure rewrites itself based on player choices and virtual dices are thrown in the old-fashioned way to determine the outcome”.

Traditional paperback gamebooks or CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) books as they were also called were popular during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and have seen a digital revival of late. Narborion Saga intends to engage its community with ‘bard’ contests, inviting budding authors, poets and artists to share their creative talents on the games website. Readers who register on the Narborion saga website at will be rewarded with 350 gold coins they can exchange for equipment, spells or weapons when they download the book for free at launch.

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