Horror-Adventure ‘Slender Man Origins 2 (Saga)’ Launches On iOS® & AndroidTM Offering Chilling Halloween Scares!

Just in time for Halloween, independent games developer and publisher Bigzur is proud to announce the worldwide release and availability of Slender Man Origins 2 (Saga), the highly anticipated sequel and continuation of Slender Man Origins, featuring the scary, and legendary, faceless fictional internet character and persona. Available as a FREE (Lite) and Premium (USD $4.99) download from the iOS® and Google Play™ digital app stores today, Slenderman is back with more adventure, more puzzles, more exploring, and more scares than ever before!

Slender Man Origins 2 (Saga) makes it personal: Your daughter has gone missing … kidnapped, and you must persevere, survive, and do everything in your power to get her back! Through your path lies dark dungeons, mysterious catacombs and ancient ruins, all containing dangers and surprises when you least expect it. Your only weapon and defense is your wits and your ability to observe. You will discover obstacles, hidden paths, door that cannot open, and behind every corner and nook lies nothing but uncertainty. Explore the deepest reaches, reveal hidden secrets, and learn revelations about the story and events unfolding as you adventure, desperately trying to save your child. Remember … the Slenderman is watching you …

Featuring large and detailed locations, tricky puzzles, a cool journal, immersive music, and stunningly beautiful HD graphics, Slender Man Origins 2 (Saga) is a worthy successor to an award-winning prequel offering the adventure quest of your life. Are you brave and daring enough to rescue your daughter before time runs out?

Slender Man Origins 2 (Saga) Trailer:

Slender Man Origins 2 (Saga) is available for download from here:


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