You’ve Been Kidnapped! – Indie Psychological Adventure Horror Game Preview

Deceptive Games Ltd. has announced its first game “Kidnapped” starting with Windows desktop PCs.

Waking up cold and alone, you’ve been ‘Kidnapped’. Traverse through a spooky two hundred year old manor; evade your captor, and survive. Kidnapped is a physiological first-person story-driven adventure horror game, with a great emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving. More than fifty percent of the objects in the game world can be interacted with, whether examined, used, or picked up. Kidnapped dynamically changed the game world as the player progresses and aims to unnerve the player continuously. Can you find the mystery behind your captivity and most importantly, can you escape this ordeal?

Being kidnapped is a traumatic ordeal; it’s confusing, scary and psychologically damaging. Deceptive Games places the player into this situation with little to help them apart from their wits and senses. Should you run, hide or fight? The decision will determine your survival and most importantly, your life. Check out videos, images and the pre-alpha demo at

“We’re really pleased how our game is turning out. The amount of support since first showing the game is overwhelming” said Gavin Powell, game director for Deceptive Games. “It helps solidify that the game you’re making is heading in the right direction, and that people are excited to play it.”

Availability and system requirements: Kidnapped is planned to release on as many platforms as possible starting with Steam, and will require Windows 2K/XP/Vista: 3Ghz Dual Core processor, 6GB system memory, 3D card with 512 MB video memory and DirectX 9.0c.

About Deceptive Games
Deceptive Games Ltd. is a startup independent games company of desktop and mobile games from South Wales, UK. For further information, visit

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