Strategy Game “Chain Chronicle” to Make Worldwide Debut This December

SEGA Networks co., Ltd., a renowned games company from Japan, joins forces with gumi Asia Pte. Ltd., a leading global game studio, to bring the hit mobile line defense role playing game Chain Chronicle to North America, Europe and other markets for iOS and Android platforms.

The line defense RPG has been downloaded over four million times in Japan since initially launching for iOS and Android on July 26, 2013. For those awaiting a localized version of the game, they won’t need to wait much longer. gumi Asia will officially launch the full version of the line defense RPG in the US on December 8, 2014 with other territories to follow.

In Chain Chronicle, you play the role of a captain tasked with battling the invading Black Army in hopes of keeping them from destroying the continent of Yggdra. To protect the kingdom, you must gather and lead a volunteer army of Knights, Wizards, Clerics, Archers and Soldiers.
Throughout your adventures, you will meet allies with different skills and tales of their own to lead this epic story.

“After a successful launch in Japan, we have been looking for the right moment to bring the fan loved Chain Chronicles to the Western market,” said SEGA Networks CEO, Haruki Satomi. “Now is that time and we have full confidence that gumi, with their solid track record, is the right partner to help our hit title find success in the West.”

Hironao Kunimitsu, CEO of gumi, Inc. said: “I am thrilled that gumi is about to release Chain Chronicle to English speaking countries. With a deep game system and engaging story, the game was a great success in Japan and is sure to follow the same path worldwide. In the future, under our new partnership with SEGA, we aim to make Chain Chronicle a big hit in English speaking countries, and will launch in as many countries we can to bring the game to as large a global audience as possible.”

David Ng, CEO of gumi Asia, said: “The English version of Chain Chronicle will be the definitive edition of the game; one that is tailor-made for a worldwide audience and for mobile gaming fans. We were impressed with its performance in Japan; why not share this gem from SEGA with the rest of the world? With its breathtaking art and addictive gameplay, we fully believe that this strategy title will be a massive global hit in months to come.”

· Engage In Tactical Real-Time Strategy Battles! Use your small band of heroes to defend your base from adversaries great and small. Simple and intuitive controls make it an easy-to-learn, yet hard-to-master line defense RPG experience.

· Recruit 150 Or More Allies With A Variety Of Abilities! Command and unleash the full potential of your Soldiers, Archers, Knights, Clerics and Wizards.

· Experience New and Wondrous Adventures With Your Allies! Those you meet and bond with will unlock new ally stories and real-time RPG battles in various exotic locations. It’s up to you to forge your own chronicle!

· Unlock Artwork By Japan’s Top Artists! All of Chain Chronicle’s unit portraits are elaborately drawn and portrayed in card form, illustrated by the best artists in the anime, manga and video game industries. Standouts include toi8 (Fullmetal Alchemist), HACCAN (Mushihimesama, Avalon Code), and Wadaaruko (Black Rock Shooter).

· Discover High-Profile Voice Actors Living Out This Epic Tale! Hear the lovely and talented voicework of notable Japanese voice actors, such as: Akira Ishida (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Maaya Uchida (Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live), Ayane Sakura (Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live), and Kotori Koiwai (Joshiraku).

Chain Chronicle is a free strategy game with optional in-app purchases of virtual items.

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