SolForge Digital Card Game Now on Android Worldwide

Stone Blade Entertainment, the company behind the award-winning board game and iOS app Ascension, announced today that its popular free-to-play digital collectible game SolForge is now available on Android devices worldwide.

With this release, SolForge is the first major digital card game to be available on PC and both major mobile platforms. Players can access the same SolForge account seamlessly across devices, as the game is available on PC via Steam, iPad, iPhone, and now Android phones and tablets worldwide.

“From the beginning, we have had the vision of SolForge as a truly cross-platform mobile game,” said Justin Gary, founder and CEO of Stone Blade Entertainment, “This global launch of SolForge on Android is a huge step in bringing collectible gaming to new audiences worldwide.”

In addition to the Android launch, SolForge recently released several new card content packs, bringing the total number of unique cards in the game to over three hundred. The game’s tournament offerings have also expanded, with weekend specialty events offering players unique experiences in addition to new large scale championship events. Other features in development include a player-to-player card marketplace, a single player campaign mode, and achievement and social systems.

SolForge is a free-to-play digital collectible game designed by Stone Blade Entertainment in a partnership with Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: the Gathering. In SolForge, players build and customize decks of cards to compete with other players online or against AI opponents. The game is set in an original fantasy setting of a desolate world whose sun has gone dark. In this frozen landscape, four factions struggle for dominance over the SolForge, a mystical spire that is the source of light, heat, and magic in the world. Players take on the role of Forgeborn, those who control the magic of the SolForge, and battle against one another with fantastical creatures and powerful spells.

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