Excalibur announces the first of its Sony PlayStation 4 Releases– Action Shoot-Fest Space Overlords

Excalibur is expanding its publishing catalogue with the Combat action shooter, Space Overlords http://store.steampowered.com/app/407830 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 & PSVita. With the PC version arriving in February and the PS4 in late April. The Space Overlords are a ruthless ancient life form with immeasurable powers – the object of the game is to set out on a mission of retaliation over your evil Kesedihan to wipe out all of his kin.

The player will play one of four different Space Overlords with the mission of settling old scores against Kesedihan for her part in your and your brother’s incarceration. You must take possession of planets colonised by this evil warlord who has ravaged all resources to feed her dominance. Waking up after years of captivity, your path of annihilation is about to begin.

The initial launch will feature seven galaxies in Single-Player mode with three single player modes to choose from – Main Gameplay, Co-operative and Gameplay Loop. Each galaxy will have eight planets and each section features atmospheric cut scenes. The multi-player portion of the game has four game modes and focuses on pitting the players against each other:

Space Overlords has a built in level editor in which players can create levels to play and share with other players. Those user created levels will be showed on the COMMUNITY tab on the main UI of the game. Each player will have his/her created planets associated with their account. Other players can try to beat those planets in MULTIPLAYER MODE. Each victory on the Multiplayer mode awards points that count towards a global game leader board.

The combos in Space Overlords are long and awesome! For each building, inhabitant or ship destroyed there will be combo points awarded (+50) for each 100 hits e.g.: 300 hits = 300 + 150 points. The MAX COMBO indicator will tell the player the maximum amount of consecutive hits he/she has achieved on the current game.


· Have fun creating planets using the built in level editor
· Share new planets and then attack other players’ planets for action packed gameplay
· Pick-up-and-play free rampage – destroy every building and inhabitant of a planet before time runs out
· Enjoy playing as a different race with a choice of up to six Overlords
· PVP Multiplayer mode (up to four players).
· Upgrading your character with items and power ups adds to pace of the game
· Local and Steam Multiplayer modes
· A whole host of different levels including variable game levels with switchable core mechanic
· Four playable characters

The Game

Space Overlords goes live on Steam mid-February 2016.

Product Information

Title: Space Overlords
Publisher: Excalibur
Developer: 12 Hit Combo
Genre: 3D Isometric Shooter
Steam URL: http://store.steampowered.com/app/407830
Format: PC (Release date mid February 2016)
Console formats: Sony PS4, PS3 & PS Vita (Release date Late April 2016)
Retail price : TBC