Excellent Connections – Words! is Available for free for all Android and iOS devices!

Deadpan Dodo Art Factory just announced the release of their newest game: Excellent Connections – Words!, where the goal is to use the minimum amount of clues to guess a mystery word.

“Excellent Connections – Words! is a smart game that has been created to appeal to players of all ages. The game is easy to understand, very intuitive, and without timer. It is a simple but can be a challenging puzzle game, where everyone can have fun and find their personal proper level of difficulty.” said Marketing Manager at Deadpan Dodo, Bibiana Bertone.

Using as little clues as possible, the player has to type the mystery word using the jumbled letters, and try to work its way through all 30 levels of difficulty.

“When we first came up with the concept of Fast 4 Words, we knew it would be loved by many but also that some players, especially younger audience, might find it difficult and stressful, as a fairly large cultural knowledge and a well-trained mind was necessary to fully enjoy the game. In some ways, “Excellent Connections – Words” is built on the same game concept, but simplifies drastically the challenge by letting the user decide on whether or not he needs more clues. Five tips (synonyms, antonyms, or word association) are available to guess the mystery word, and now, the question is: how many clues will YOU need?” commented CEO of Deadpan Dodo, Dimitri Delattre.

Excellent Connections – Words! was designed and created using HybriD*, Deadpan Dodo’s proprietary game engine, based on the lua SDK Corona from CoronaLabs.
HybriD* supports all iOS devices, all Android devices, as well as all Kindle readers.

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