Explore the Unexplored in Paranormal AgencyTM: The Ghosts of Wayne Mansion, Out on Windows Store Today

You’re one of those people who love to sneak a peek at secrets and mysteries if you can. If this is the case with you, G5 Entertainment encourages you to explore the unexplored in Paranormal Agency™: The Ghosts of Wayne Mansion, out on Windows Store today. Download this spine-chilling adventure to your device and reveal the mysteries of the unknown!

As the story goes, an old mansion on the outskirts of a peaceful village is reported to be haunted by evil spirits. Some folks say they’ve heard screams and moans. Others have spotted shadowy figures on the ground. The townspeople are scared and now the mayor has invited you, an experienced ghost hunter, to investigate the strange and somewhat suspicious events at Wayne Mansion.

Your car crashes into a hooded figure at the gate of a stunning looking house, but, despite of being a ghost hunter, you suspect people are involved in most of the crimes. Now you’ll have to search every corner of this estate, pick up useful items and solve tricky puzzles to determine if this is someone’s wicked hoax … or a real ghost story!

The gameplay offers you a number of tricky tasks such as playing against one of the most experienced card players, beating six billiard balls in each pocket with a single stroke and putting eight chess queens on the board so that none of them beats the other. So work on your poker face, practice your kick-off technique and train your brain to get the clues that can save your life! Paranormal Agency™: The Ghosts of Wayne Mansion has even more than that to entertain you for a few evenings. Go get it now!
The game is developed and published by G5 Entertainment AB (NASDAQ OMX: G5EN).
Key Features:
•Nearly 100 absorbing scenes to explore
•12 puzzling mini-games to master
•20 desirable achievements to earn
•Two gameplay modes: casual and expert
Paranormal Agency: The Ghosts of Wayne Mansion is available for download on Windows Store today. Gamers can try the game for free and unlock the full version through an in-app purchase for $6.99.

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