Indie games studio Mutant Labs announce Hot Seat: the quick-fire party game!

Indie games studio Mutant Labs have announced the release date of their new game Hot Seat, available for free on Android and iOS devices now! Hot Seat is a fun and fast-paced category-association party game for two players and up. Players are given a letter, and have to answer categories with words beginning with that letter as quickly as possible. The fastest player to answer ten categories wins!

Try and keep a cool head while fast and furiously answering diverse categories such as:

Reasons to quit your job? Things you see at the zoo? Things you can get your finger trapped in? Things that smell bad? Reasons to smile?

•Play with two to eight players, or more with players in teams!
•Feeling daunted by a potential ‘I’ round? Roll again!
•Your friends are the quizmasters! Will they accept your answer or not?
•Variable settings – adjust the settings to adapt the game to any group scenario. Rounds can be made easier, harder, longer or shorter by increasing or decreasing the maximum number of letter re-rolls, the maximum number of in-game passes, pass time penalties, questions per round, and rounds per game.
•Available anytime, anywhere – no internet connection required.
Works best on (Android):
•Jellybean (4.1) and up.
•360 x 640 minimum screen size.
Works best on (iOS):
•iOS 8.1 and up.
•iPhone 4s and up / iPad 2 and up.

•In-app purchase available priced £1.49 / $1.99 to remove adverts and unlock 200+ categories.
Hot Seat trailer:
Hot Seat minisite:

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