Explosive Ninja Announce New Arcade Game: Hyperdrive

Explosive Ninja announced a new arcade game called Hyperdrive. The initial release is for android, and public beta begins on the 23rd of February. The launch is planned for the 9th of March.

In the game you play a skilled test pilot named Drew Tracey. You must guide Drew on the test flight of a new ship with an experimental technology on board named Hyperdrive. Unfortunately there has been a malfunction, and the Hyperdrive cannot be stopped. Added to this every time you change direction the ship speeds up.

The controls for this game are simple and intuitive, but the game is not easy. You move upwards by tapping and holding the screen, otherwise the ship will move downwards. The music increases in speed as the ship does, increasing the intensity of the game.

Tom Cumpsty, founder of Explosive Ninja, had this to say: “This game has received incredibly good feedback from all our alpha testers, most of them literally couldn’t put it down! We are looking forward to receiving more feedback from beta testers and releasing this game.”

Explosive Ninja plan on releasing some bigger titles in the future. Tom goes on to say: “This is just the beginning. We want to release a few smaller projects to begin with, and then we plan to release some more in-depth games, but you should play them all! We are striving to make original games with incredible gameplay, even with our smaller releases.”

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