Pepi Ride for Android is released!

Speedy, bumpy and creative ride is available for Android devices!

Pepi Ride was originaly released on AppStore last year and received favourable reviews from parents, teachers and kids all around the globe. Since its original release Pepi Ride made it to the best selling tops (kids category) in USA, France, Turkey, Italy, Canada, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Australia, Denmark, South Korea and many other countries. Now Pepi Ride is also available on Google Play and Amazon AppStore for Android.

About the game

The game begins in the garage, where little players pick a car along with a character and prepares for a journey. Little ones get to paint the car using various brushes and colors, change wheels, apply funny stickers and many gadgets to make their car really unique. Now, they’re set for a ride!

Pepi Island offers 9 levels with gradually increasing difficulty. Starting with simple hills and adding stumps, tree ropes, footbridges, rocks, balloons, chains, castles, mountains and pitfalls, cactuses and beach balls as well and many other obstacles. Bumpy, challenging, fun and engaging — each level contains carefully crafted tracks where physics meets fun. Each ride will help kids to understand various surfaces and figure out the best way to traverse them. Little drivers will be challenged to use their wit and observation skills to find and grab the gifts placed along the track.

So get your adventurous spirit started, paint, tune and start exploring!


• Action game with 9 scenes
• 4 different characters and cars
• Great animations and sounds
• Development of reaction and observation skills
• Creative activities
• Riding challenges
• Carefully tuned physics to introduce various surfaces
• No in-app purchases
• For children 3-7 age

Here at Pepi Play we craft our apps and games with great care. We believe we can create rich interactive experiences and set high standards for ourselves. We pay great attention to details, colours and sounds to create cozy and cheerful environments. We also avoid any third party advertisements and in-app purchases.

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