Chaos Ride – Now available for PC from

Chaos Ride, the futuristic arcade racer from Sc0tt Games, is now available for PC from

Chaos Ride is a futuristic arcade racing game, influenced by all the insanely fast arcade racers of the early 00’s – Wipeout, Extreme G, Ballistics, Outrun 2 et al. Players pilot their neon hover-cycles through nine different locations at speeds of up to 800mph.

Set entirely inside tubular-shaped tunnels, the game uses a unique method for navigating the tracks. Racers primarily build speed by gaining momentum, which they acquire by angling their vehicles at optimum trajectories as they race. As with any other racing game, it’s all about finding the best racing lines to shave seconds from your lap times – only in Chaos Ride, this happens at jet-engine velocities while things explode around you. Imagine piloting a rocket-powered bobsled, while avoiding and competing against nine other rocket-powered bobsleds, at 800mph, and you have a rough idea of the core gameplay experience.

Based on the series of mobile titles of the same name, the game includes 18 tracks, 90 events, a vehicle customisation system, a 15-hour single player campaign, split-screen multiplayer for up to four players, and full support for the DK2 Oculus Rift.

Critic Quotes:
“Chaos Ride is a very pure racing game that does away with a lot of the added features and complexity this genre has found itself lumbered with over the past few years.”

“This game is pure speed. It fits into the growing trend within the indie community to explore futuristic racing titles that go over and beyond with pushing the limits of hand-eye coordination and break-neck speed reflexes. Words can’t do this game justice.”

“We don’t care that it doesn’t make sense when it’s this awesome!”

The game can be downloaded here:

The launch trailer can be found here:

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