GAMEVIL Launches Fresh Mobile Action RPG Kritika: Chaos Unleashed

GAMEVIL is returning to its roots as a mobile Action RPG producer with its launch of Kritika: Chaos Unleashed. Like last year’s Dark Avenger (which had 14 million downloads worldwide), Kritika allows players to choose a character, fight enemies and bosses, and level up to gain new skills. However, as Lead Producer Jaehun Jeong states, “Kritika is Dark Avenger on steroids.”

The game’s crisp graphics, coupled with exhilarating hack-and-slash motions, provide players with a cathartic rush when annihilating their enemies. As players progress through each world, their characters gain access to a variety of strike and attack abilities, including a special EX skill which provides maximum impact. If advancing through the game’s levels is not enough, players can further immerse themselves in the fast-paced fighting world of Kritika by defending themselves in endless Monster Waves or competing to become the ultimate champion in a Rival Match.

In addition to enjoying the fact-paced fighting intensity of Kritika, players can also collect rewards for clearing stages, upgrade and customize their characters styles and combat skills with avatar costumes, and look forward to additional characters in future updates.

Soft launch : Kritika is available on
Android: 07 July 2014
iOS: 09 July 2014
Global launch: 14 July 2014
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