All Seeing Eye Games presents Press X to Not Die – An Interactive Movie for Steam / PC and Xbox 360

All Seeing Eye Games’ new title, Press X to Not Die, is available now on Steam Early Access. In this meta comedy live-action interactive movie, the player wakes up to find their entire city gone mad and must fight for survival using an incredible newfound power: Quick Time Events. Everything from battling enemies to putting on your jacket requires your expert button-pressing skills! The player must survive the streets, escape the city, uncover the secrets behind both the madness and their new powers, and fight a clown.

YouTube videos about this over-the-top FMV adventure have amassed over 1 million views since its initial release on Xbox 360 last month. Critics and YouTubers have described the game as “awesome” (Dlive, Sizzle Games, 0Bennyman) and “hilarious” (ActiveSin Gaming,, with more than one YouTuber proclaiming, “I love it” (Dlive, Sizzle Games, 0Bennyman, Limp Rhyme).

Press X to Not Die features:

·Over 30 minutes of live-action footage in HD.
·A branching storyline that depends on your choices.
·A Dynamic Dialogue system that constructs key spoken sentences on the fly to reflect your actions and performance, providing for an unprecedentedly dynamic experience in an interactive movie.
·”1994 Mode” re-renders the game as it would have looked during the golden age of interactive movies.
·Multiple difficulty levels to test even the most skilled button pressers.
·Steam Leaderboards to share your high score and the choices you made, with the world.

Game Designer Darren Joe says, “Interactive movies died an unjust death in the 1990s thanks to a glut of poorly-executed titles and never had a chance to realize their full potential. We want to embrace the inherent camp of the genre while also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with it.”

Press X to Not Die is available now on Steam for US$3.99. It is also available on Xbox 360.

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