Fall of Cutie 1.2.0 – Out now

Fall of Cutie

OtterWorks proudly presents the cutest game in 2015: Fall of Cutie. In this game You control an adorable animal while it is falling down at high speed, and open the parachute in the last second. Twenty-five animals to collect, six locations to jump and Wheel of Fortune to get some bonuses.

· Cute pets: You can unlock them by opening gift boxes. These lucky items cost 500 gold coins. When you open it a randomly pet will appears. If you have just a little luck, you have not had it yet. If you don’t trust in luck, in the shop you can choose which pet you want to get.

· Location:
· Mountains
· City
· Ocean
· China
· England
· Wheel of Fortune: by spinning the wheel you can obtain some special skill that you can use during your next fall. The bonus can be:
· Shield: protects you from the score damage .
· More coins: there will be double coins in a row instead of one .
· Coin magnet: your jumper will pull in the coins around you.
· Plus star: you start the game with an extra star.
· Shop: the following packs, bonuses can be bought:
· desirable animal.
· gold coins.
· permanent bonuses.
· double gold.
· double score .
· Gameplay features:
· Tickets: you can obtain tickets by getting at least five perfect at the checkpoints. The tickets are for unlock the locations.
· Gold bonus: the more accurately you play the more gold is thrown in by the pets from the sides.
· Achievements: there are cool achievements in the game.
· Leaderboard: be the best and share with your friends.
· Daily bonus: you get gold coins if you play more days in a row.

Fact sheet
Platform: Android, Coming soon: to iOS and Windows phone
Genre: Skill based arcade
Price: Free