Family Fun Board Game launches the digital version of The Postal Game, the board game.

Family Fun Board Game today announced the launch of the multiplatform version of The Postal Game, the well-known Board game.

The Postal Game is a fun, fast family game where players try to build up their mail station and be the first to deliver all the mail driving the Mail truck.

There are different characters with different roles and three phases of the game, each of them challenging and fun.

Each game can be played up to 4 players. The first phase is all about adding in each own section of the Board, the line-up of mailboxes. After completed this task, if a player has enough money can buy the mail station and begin a new tour to collect more money In order to hire the truck driver. And finally he can buy the mail truck in order to perform a tour of the entire board.

There are a lot of different scenario that can happen including the possibility to win the Jackpot during the game, which is all the money accumulated at the center of the Board by all the players.

You need luck and strategy to deliver all the mail and have fun!

Family Fun Board Game released the digital version on many platforms: Client based, Facebook, iOS app, Android app, Browser version.

The game is completely free, user can register for free and play!

Key features of the game include:
•Colorful and fun characters and board
•An easy to use interface that can be personalized
•Single player version versus bots and multiplayer version
•Possibility to challenge friends or join a random match
•The best player of the week can win incredible prizes!
•Players from different devices can play together
•A bot system to replace missing players or players that disconnect
•Friends list, Virtual stickers, challenge the creator, Birth day party and more…

How to Play
Go to and choose your platform

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